Sid Richardson planning Expansion

June 4, 2015 - Fort Worth, TX – Sid Richardson Carbon and Energy (SRCE) has begun the planning phase for the construction of a carbon black production facility in Mexico. “Based on the current demand for carbon black in North America and projections for the next 5 years alone, we are viewing this venture as a necessary move to serve our customers,” says Bill Jones, company President and CEO.  “We hope to have this new facility producing carbon black in 2017,” Jones adds. 

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Sid Richardson Carbon Company (SRC) announces that all selling prices of its carbon black
products will increase effective July 1, 2016, or as customer contracts allow. Price increases
between 4% and 6% will be implemented.
According to William R. Jones, President and CEO of SRC, the price increases are necessary to
offset increased operational costs associated with increasing governmental regulations, increases
in the cost of labor and capital equipment necessary to maintain plant infrastructure and
inflation-related impacts. “Over the last several years, SRC has made significant investments in
its production facilities in the US to drive productivity and continuously improve the quality of
products and services for our customers. In addition, painstaking efforts have been made to
reduce production costs. While in past years we have made every effort to avoid passing on any
cost increase to our customer base, this situation is no longer sustainable. We will continue to
take every action to minimize our cost structure but have come to a point where we are forced to
appropriately adjust our prices to offset cost increases imposed on us,” said Jones.
SRC will also implement changes to its Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale and its Standard
Packaging and Premium Charges, in each case effective July 1, 2016



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