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About Us

Answering the call for a partner you can count on

You want a supplier who will always be nearby? We’ll be here, with our roots planted deep in Texas and our focus on serving North America for the long haul. You want a familiar voice on the other end of the line? Our associates are loyal, with an average tenure of 10 years, and they are prompt, returning your call before the end of the day. SidRichardsonSign.jpgWe’ve found when you hire the best people, you get the best results—work with us and you’ll discover the same thing, too.

While people of every sort, from places of every kind, each contribute their own unique experiences, perspectives and skills to our workplace.  This melting pot of multicultural personnel all share the same big, Texas-sized drive to succeed. We couldn't be more proud of the folks we employ. They make Sid what it is--the best.


Sid W. Richardson, a successful oil wildcatter with wells in Texas, New Mexico, and Louisiana, founded Sid Richardson Company in 1947 to enhance the value of his newly discovered Keystone Gas Field in West Texas. A year later he formed Sid Richardson Carbon and Gasoline Co. when he purchased a channel black plant in Odessa, Texas. In partnership with his nephew, Perry R. Bass, he began a sustained period of expansion. While the Odessa plant eventually closed, the company became a leading manufacturer of oil furnace carbon black by building plants in Big Spring, Texas (1961) and Addis, Louisiana (1968). This was followed by the purchase of the Borger, Texas plant (1986). In addition to these manufacturing facilities, a research center was built in Fort Worth, Texas (1972) and a pilot plant in Big Spring, Texas (1982). Sales, Customer Service and Technical Service are located in Akron, Ohio. Corporate headquarters are located in downtown Fort Worth, Texas.

Sid Richardson Carbon & Energy Co. has demonstrated a proven record of steady and successful growth through continued expansion and process/product improvement. Two of the manufacturing facilities  produce 55 MW of electricity through cogeneration and exports approximately 50% to the deregulated market. Today, the company provides an annual production capacity in excess of 970 million pounds (440 thousand metric tons) of furnace carbon black, including over 40 grades of ASTM and specialty carbon blacks to more than 80 companies.

Bass Enterprises is a privately held company involved in gas and oil exploration, carbon black production and investments. The combined Bass Companies employ over 1,600 people. All Bass Operations are structured as partnerships with varying family-member ownership.