Research & Development

The Fort Worth Research Center is dedicated to conducting research that leads to new products in the following areas:

  1. Improved Carbon Blacks for Tires
  2. Performance Carbon Blacks for Mechanical Rubber Goods and Plastics
  3. Specialty Carbon Blacks for Ink Applications
  4. Conductive Carbon Blacks
  5. Surface Modified Carbon Blacks
  6. Fuel Cell Electrocatalysts
  7. Carbon Nanotube Hybrid Products

The Fort Worth Research Center is also committed to providing state of the art testing services for supporting our customers in any manner possible.

R&D Areas

Polymer-Filler Interactions

This is an ongoing area of research which concerns understanding the nature of carbon black and polymer-filler interactions. SRCE has developed a tremendous accumulation of knowledge about carbon black characterizations, dispersion, reinforcement, hysteresis, high frequency properties and many aspects of polymer-filler interaction.

 Low Hysteresis

As oil and gas reserves around the world continue to be consumed, with the consequence of rising fuel costs, better vehicle fuel efficiency becomes more and more vital to a strong economy. One way of improving fuel efficiency is to reduce the effect of a tire's rolling resistance or hysteresis in tread compounds. SRCE continues to explore new ways of producing carbon blacks that offer such reduced hysteresis without sacrificing the other two critical aspects of tire performance: treadwear and traction. Whether by techniques of surface modification, or by unusual production methods, SRCE can offer such products as our SR129 and SR401, to meet the demands of lower rolling resistance. Please Contact Us for a sample to see how these blacks will perform in your particular application.

 High Treadwear

Although reductions in rolling resistance are always in the forefront of improved tire technology, good treadwear remains a primary concern for customers desiring longer life from tires. At SRCE we recognize this ongoing customer requirement and are focusing much of our product development activities toward finding new grades of carbon black that can deliver longer tread life without sacrificing hysteretic or traction properties. Several of these grades, such as SR129 and SR155, are already in commercial production and are available for sampling and evaluation. Please Contact Us for a sample to see how these blacks will perform in your particular application.

Clean Blacks

In certain applications, the cleanliness of carbon black (low ash, low grit, soft pellets) is important to product performance. These may include fine extruded rubber and plastic, paints and coatings,and generally any area where screen life and surface smoothness are crucial. To meet these needs, SRCE has developed a line of clean blacks, such as SR530 and SR630. These blacks are easy dispersing, easy processing, and can meet the most demanding needs of any customer. Please Contact Us for a sample to see how these blacks will perform in your particular application.

Surface Modified

There are several aspects to consider when selecting a grade of carbon black for a particular application. These include the composition and morphology (particle size and aggregate shape), as well as the porosity and surface chemistry. All of these play a role in how the black will interact with various media, especially given variations in polymer type, viscosity, and pH. Carbon blacks are inherently hydrophobic and generally have a neutral to slightly basic pH with a few oxygen or sulfur-containing surface groups. In order to improve the interaction with and performance in such diverse environments, SRCE has developed several experimental products that are more hydrophilic, have varying pH values, or that contain a variety of different surface modifications for specifically tailored applications. These are available for sampling and can be scaled up if a certain black fits your particular application. In addition, SRCE is exploring carbon nanotechnology designed to take advantage of our experience in producing fine particle materials. This exciting technology holds promise for new materials designed to augment the traditional role of carbon black by adding interesting features at a truly nano-scale. Please Contact Us for more information or to request samples.

Ink & Pigments

SRCE has many products suitable for pigment applications in inks and coatings such as SR301, SR315, SR303, SR511 and SR711.  These blacks provide excellent dispersion properties in most standard ink formulations, where they deliver superior jetness, gloss, undertone and rub off characteristics. Please Contact Us for more information or to request samples.

Conductive Applications

Carbon black is well known for its conductive properties, used in such diverse applications as electrostatic dissipation (ESD) for mats, EMI shielding for packaging, electronic casings, automobile topcoats, and other similar areas where static buildup is undesirable. In order to meet the needs of such industries, SRCE
is developing a line of conductive blacks that meet or exceed the most demanding requirements of our customers, such as our new SIDCON series. SC159 is our premier offering providing higher conductivities at lower loadings that competitive products. Please Contact Us for more information or to request samples.

Fuel Cell Electrocatalysts

Anyone can read about the extensive effort being made by the government, academia and industry into the design and development of proton exchange membrane fuel cells (PEMFC). These function primarily by combining hydrogen and oxygen in a controlled manner in the presence of a catalyst, usually platinum
metal. The catalyst is traditionally supported on carbon black, both for better dispersion on the surface, and also for catalytic stability. Working with a number of companies and independent researchers, SRCE has developed improved catalytic supports and novel electrocatalysts, known as SIDCAT products, that demonstrate superior current densities and corrosion resistance in PEMFC applications. Please Contact Us for more information or to request samples.

Pilot Plant

SRCE has a fully functional 1/10 scale pilot plant.  We can consult with you and develop/produce unique carbon blacks for your critical needs.  The pilot plant is capable of producing tread and carcass grades with any surface modification needed in a dry pellet, wet pellet or powder black.