Here’s What’s NOT Showing Up in the Ledger

When You Buy Carbon Black


So, you negotiated a fair price for your carbon black. You’ve been assured that the grade you’ve selected is of the highest quality and trial runs are indicating your product will see a slight performance improvement. Your CFO is patting you on the back and all you have to do is send the word down to production and schedule that vacation, right? 

Except, for all those employees running day-to-day operations – your plant manager, your traffic manager and those hard-working guys in receiving, the work is just getting started.

I mean, what if this company you bought carbon black from can’t follow through on the delivery quite the way you had hoped? Or maybe you’re facing some new shipping nuance and your plant isn’t set up to handle unloading exactly the way you expected. Perhaps you could use some additional support with supply management?

Whether you get your carbon black by land, rail, ship or air, you’re bound to have more than a few moving parts. From logistics, supply management, import/exports and freight to delivery, packaging/shipping and physically handling the product; there’s plenty of potential issues. Suddenly, that sales negotiation you nailed is only one piece of the puzzle.

We’re not saying these other issues will shut your business down or that they can’t be managed, but we know it’s often this collective group of potential delays, errors and inconveniences that will slow your business down and cut into profits.

At Sid Richardson Carbon & Energy (SRCE), we don’t claim that we can eliminate every last possible issue when it comes to shipping and delivery. We have a Logistics Director and a Traffic Manager that have more than 70 years of Carbon Black, Rail and Logistics experience.  They oversee our fleet of more than 900 hopper cars and hopper trucks.  Our Traffic Department not only ensures our additional contract partners maintain operating authority and insurance, but also negotiates the best rates with carriers representing all modes of transportation. Furthermore, SRCE can offer you our VMI system (Vendor Managed Inventory), in which we can handle inventory planning and tracking for you – optimizing efficiency and improving scheduling.

Hey, we know you understand there’s more to running a business than what appears on paper. But it’s our experience, having seen just about ever variable this industry can throw at you, which allows us to answer the call – not just for quality black, but also for all the support and knowledge needed to get it from our plant and turned into the best product you can make.