3 Places to Find Writings & New Technical Information From Sid Richardson

Sid Richardson's Dr. Wesley Wampler & Dr. Leszek Nikiel share new findings




Several new pieces of technical information have recently been published by Sid Richardson Carbon & Energy Co. and are available for those with an interest in the topics.


1) “Advances in Filler Dispersion Measurements”

The peer reviewed journal Rubber Chemistry and Technology (RCT) has published a paper on “Advances in Filler Dispersion Measurements” by Dr. Leszek Nikiel, Russell Mason and Dr. Wesley Wampler.  Existing methods of dispersion analysis were reviewed and new experimental techniques were covered in the publication.  It is currently available in the current online edition of RCT and will appear in the upcoming paper edition.


 2) “Polymer Interaction Coefficient”

A presentation was given at the last International Elastomer Conference in Cleveland (October 2015) over the topic “Polymer Interaction Coefficient”.  The accompanying paper by Dr. Wesley Wampler, Dr. Feng Wang and Dr. Leszek Nikiel discussed a new way to characterize polymer-filler interaction by examining the slope of bound rubber with increasing total surface of filler then correlating that with other performance characteristics.  The reprints are available from the ACS Rubber Division


2) "Carbon Black Overview"

Sid Richardson prepared a book chapter on “Carbon Black” for the second edition of Rubber Compounding: Chemistry and Applications, Second Edition (CRC Press, edited by Brendan Rodgers). This chapter covers the carbon black manufacturing process, testing, quality control, effect on rubber properties, the various grades and their uses, as well as recent technical advances.  The book became available in the U.S. in October 2015 see



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