ES600 and Talking Testing


 Sid Richardson continues to pursue improved performance in rubber compounds. A recent discovery is tied to the adsorption of polysulfide compounds onto the surface of tread blacks. This development led to a decrease in filler-filler interactions and an increase in polymer-filler interactions. The treatment results in tread compounds, which provide lower hysteresis at equivalent or better abrasion, especially in natural rubber. This treatment, extended to carcass grades of carbon black, has shown how similar decreases in hysteresis can be obtained. And so, ES600 was born. Contact us today or visit us at the show to learn more.


 The Lab is Open

An advantage of becoming a Sid Richardson customer is access to the Fort Worth Research Center’s (FWRC) extensive testing resources. We support our customers by offering a wide range of testing of not just carbon black from our ISO 9001 certified lab, but also testing on almost any composite containing carbon black. Our customers have the opportunity to use our testing services but also can take advantage of the entire FWRC staff’s expertise in their development work and problem solving endeavors. For non-SRCE customers, we also offer a range of fee based testing services. Click here for more details

Lab equipment includes:

• Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope
• High Resolution TGA
• Bruker High Resolution Optical Profilometer
• Instron Servohydraulic System