Answering the call for real environmental responsibility

The people of Texas have always had a special connection to the land. We’ve never taken this inspiring beauty for granted, and we never will.  We have proudly invested in programs well above and beyond those mandated by the EPA. In everything we do, we will assure we are conducting business in a safe and environmentally responsible manner. We will always do what it takes to protect the ones we love: our workers, our community, and this great, great land we call home. Accordingly, SRCE will adhere to the following guiding principles:



Environmental Principles

  • Comply with and exceed applicable environmental regulations in our operations.
  • Design, construct, and operate our facilities to minimize any impact to the environment.
  • Integrate sustainability into business plans and decisions.
  • Train and motivate employees to take personal accountability for environmental commitments.

Safety Principles

  • Train, motivate, and guide every employee so that they will take personal responsibility to complete their work in a safe manner.
  • Implement and enforce applicable safety rules and procedures that must be followed by all employees.
  • Provide employees with the proper tools and resources to ensure that they are working in a safe environment.
  • Identify and eliminate workplace hazards.

SRCE adopts the above principles to promote accountability for environmental and safety performance at all levels of our company. SRCE pursues environmental and safety values with the same intensity as other business values.