Our Customers

Here at Sid Richardson Carbon Co., we have grown to be a major supplier to a wide variety of carbon black users around the world. Industries that we serve, but not limited to, include:

product_variety_03.jpgPassenger Car Tires
Light Truck Tires
Truck and Bus Tires
Off-The-Road Tires
Retread Tires
Racing Tires
Molded Rubber Goods
Extruded Rubber Goods
Calendered Rubber Goods
Coatings and Paints
Fuel Cells
Custom Mix Compounds
Mulch Colorants
Wire and Cable
Seals and Gaskets
Polymer Masterbatches

We take pride in having a position with every tire producer in North America and having over 100 non-tire accounts. Our product line consists of 22 ASTM grades of carbon black and another 27 specialty grades with more coming.

So whether you need a one pound pre-weighed bag or a 100,000 pound hopper car of carbon black, we have the product and package for you.