Packaging and Shipping

NEW-CB-class-train.jpgSRCE is the largest producer of oil furnace carbon black in the United States. To meet our customers' individual requirements, SRCE delivers carbon black in a variety of packaging and transportation modes by land, rail, ship or air.

Modern automatic bagging and palletizing equipment allows high volume standardized packaging in paper or plastic bags. Carbon black is also packaged for shipment in woven polypropylene semi-bulk containers, hopper trailers and railroad hopper cars.

SRCE manages a fleet of more than 900 hopper cars and hopper trucks, a vital part of the company's customer service function.

Our Engineering Department will help design and/or troubleshoot your unloading, storage and conveying system.


Ronnie Parkhurst
Director of Logistics 

Container Types and Approximate Weights

Hopper Cars 100,000-140,000 pounds
Hopper Trucks 44,000 pounds
Bulk Bags 1,000-2,500 pounds
Small Bags 50 pounds
25 pounds (powder)